So Your Child Is Starting Big School?

Can you believe it? Your son or daughter is starting big school? I bet you’re saying “Where did the years go?” or “I can’t believe they’re starting school?” As a teacher I have spent many years helping parents help their children get ready for school. From Kinder and Prep orientations, to meet the teacher/parents nights, … [Read More]

11 End-Of-Year Reflection Questions For Your Students

Wow… another school year is coming to a close. Can you believe it?! Remember the start of the year, with all those fresh faces and new lunch boxes and shiny school shoes? This time of year is an excellent time to get your students to reflect on the year that has passed. These reflection questions … [Read More]

[funny] Teachers & Holidays

I know, I know, the holidays are nearly here! Even the most passionate and committed teachers still look forward to the holidays, right? I’m sure you’ve come across some of these before… I thought I’d share with you my favourite teacher holiday quotes. Enjoy! As the year comes to a close remember to: Enjoy the … [Read More]

[lastchance] Classroom Management Webinar

Hi there amazing teacher on this lovely Tuesday 🙂 I’m sitting here drinking my (second) morning coffee, looking at all the emails of people who’ve registered for tonight’s webinar. (Thank you!) Thought I’d send you a quick email to let you know we still have a few spaces left tonight and I’d love to invite … [Read More]

[webinar] Classroom Management Made Easy

Have you got questions about classroom management? Are you hoping to one day get it all figured out? Are you finding a particular class or student challenging and not sure what to do next? Have you got a bunch of questions like: what do I do if a student confronts me? why aren’t my strategies … [Read More]

Having trouble managing that challenging student?

Do you have a tricky student or group of students that you are finding hard to manage? Do you need to ‘revamp’ your classroom management skills? Are your current classroom management strategies actually working for you? Maybe you’ve had enough of: the student who never stops talking the student who keeps answering you back the … [Read More]