[video2] 6 Deadly Classroom Management Mistakes – Part 2

Managing students’ behaviour can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Classroom management is something we all want to get better at. And sometimes as teachers, we make the wrong call or read the classroom management situation incorrectly. These mistakes can actually make managing your classroom more challenging. Earlier this week, I sat down in the chair … [Read More]

[video1] 6 Deadly Classroom Management Mistakes – Part 1

Classroom management is something I get asked about all the time. (And my classroom management webinars are always super popular). As teachers, we do make mistakes when it comes to managing our classes. These mistakes (which sometimes we don’t even know we are doing) can actually amplify classroom management challenges. Rather than write in more … [Read More]

5 Classroom Management Must-Dos

I am constantly asked about classroom management. “How do I manage that troublesome student?” “How do I keep that class in control?” “What do I do when it just gets too much?” “What if I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work?” Here are 5 things you must-do to keep a handle … [Read More]

#38 : The Gifted Child: 9 Strategies For Parents and Teachers [Podcast]

I regularly conduct three day courses at the University of NSW as part of their GERRIC program, specifically designed for gifted and talented students. As part of my preparation for these courses I did some further reading around giftedness in children. As an educator (and also as a parent of two young children), I found … [Read More]

Why I Became A Teacher

It’s true – I love being a teacher. I love being part of the profession that teachers all other professions. I’ve been a teacher for nearly two decades. Wow, I can’t quite believe that. I can’t believe that I’ve spent nearly two decades shaping and influencing young lives. I’m often asked “WHY did you become … [Read More]

3 Ways To Learn From Others

A big part of our personal and professional development is directly related to how well we learn from others. Teachers who learn and grow stay fresh and focused, are more passionate and effective (and far less likely to become stagnant and stuck). Here’s 3 ways to learn from others. 1. Think right. To learn from … [Read More]