Behind The Scenes On A 747-400

I am writing this as I sit on a flight bound for Singapore. My seat is located right near the galley where for the last 50 minutes the flight attendants have been getting the meals ready for the plane. I have never seen so much hustle and bustle in order to make the eating experience on … [Read More]

There Is Gold Inside Every Teacher

I recently spoke at a seminar entitled “Your Publishing Success”. It was a full day seminar presented by teach and author, Sharon Witt. Sharon has been a high school teacher for over 15 years and has written and published six books. Her book series, “Teen Talk”, are in bookstores all around Australia and are designed … [Read More]

Be True To You

Last week, I was listening to a great mentor of mine, Matt Church, speak at a conference. One particular phrase he said literally jumped out at me and grabbed my attention. He was talking about a significant turning point in his life and he said, “I stopped being everyone else who influenced me and I … [Read More]

Teachers Are Terrific

At a recent breakfast for teachers, one passionate teacher wore a bright green T-shirt. Not only was it a bright green T-Shirt but printed in large letters on the back, the T-Shirt was boldly proclaiming, “Teachers are terrific!” This was one zealous teacher and one who was willing to state loudly and clearly just how … [Read More]

Deeds Not Words

Recently at a school in Fiji, I noticed their motto in large letters on the main wall of the school” “Deeds not words.” Here in this rural school in Fiji, with gravel roads and run-down buildings, where the local people have so little yet are so content, this schools’ motto seemed to profound. The Fijian … [Read More]

Communication Copy Cats

Have you ever been disappointed with the way students speak to you? Do you sometimes feel they lack good communication skills? Are you frustrated with the lack of effective communication you seem to have with your class? Then maybe you have a serious case of “communication copycats”. I was channel surfing on my TV the … [Read More]