The Power Of One

The floor mat in the school foyer immediately grabbed my attention: “Changing the world one child at a time.” We talk about changing the world. We dream about changing the world. But sometimes it seems like such a complex, unreachable goal. However, right there on the floor of this local school was a simple and … [Read More]

Teach From The Inside Out

In preparation for the beginning teacher seminar I spoke at last week, I was talking to a teacher I admire incredibly: my mum. We were discussing what makes an excellent teacher and my mum, who is a wise, experienced and gifted educator, said this phrase which captivated me. She said, “You’ve got to teach from … [Read More]

Think About Yourself For A Change

I was talking to a teacher and she made a comment which really made me smile. She was speaking about getting through the school day and she said, “As long as I can get to the toilet and then get a cup of tea, then I can get through the day!” How true this is! … [Read More]

Let Students “Have A Go”

A few days ago I had to park in a public parking station. I made my way up to the fourth floor where are parking attendant pointed to the spot he wanted me to park in. The particular spot he chose for me was located near a down ramp, so in order to make a … [Read More]

Enthusiasm Is Contagious

As the date of the School Musical looms closer, rehearsals are becoming longer and more frequent and the students’ enthusiasm is beginning to wane, as is that of the teachers! Today I was reminded of how myenthusiasm actually affects the enthusiasm of my students. My students groaned when I mentioned that we had a rehearsal for … [Read More]

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

I was recently sitting in a seminar listening to an expert share their thoughts about some recent research on children’s handwriting. The research apparently showed that if a student has not learnt to write neatly by Grade 3, then they will never write neatly. There were a variety of statistics to back up this research, but … [Read More]