#37: The Lazy Co-Worker (and what to do about them) [Podcast]

Working with someone who is lazy can be incredibly frustrating and challenging. A lazy colleague who doesn’t fulfil their responsibilities is hard to work with and their poor work ethic can influence the entire team as well as make it hard for others to fulfil their roles and responsibilities with excellence. The talkative coworker never … [Read More]

[last chance] Job Interview Webinar

Are you trying to get a teaching job? Are you nervous about going for a job interview? Job interviews can be intimidating, right? Sitting there, everyone staring at you, watching your every move, listening intently to every word you say… Have you found yourself asking these questions: – What do I wear??? – What do … [Read More]

[video] 6 Practical Job Interview Strategies

Hi amazing teacher! Are you trying to get a job, get a new job, or get more casual teaching days? Going for a job interview can be intimidating and overwhelming and we can feel like we don’t know what to do and don’t know how to prepare. In this short video, I’ll show you 6 … [Read More]

[last chance] Resume Writing Webinar

Are you trying to get a teaching job? Are you hoping to get a new job or more teaching days? Have you got a bunch of questions about your resume like: – how many pages should it be? – should I include a photo of myself? – what font should I use? What size? – … [Read More]

Still trying to write your resume?

Yesterday, I was sitting in a café enjoying my soy flat white and taking a few moments for myself. But I couldn’t help but notice the two girls sitting at the table next to me. They were both dressed quite nicely and they had a rather large pile of white paper sitting between them. I … [Read More]

[webinar] For Casual Relief Teachers. Tonight.

Yep, tonight’s the night. Webinar: Success Secrets for Savvy Casual Teachers. A jam-packed hour of tips, strategies, advice and encouragement to help and support you as a Casual Relief Teacher. A one-hour webinar presented by yours truly, in partnership with the super awesome peeps at Class Cover. Learn: heaps of tips and tricks to be … [Read More]