The New Kid On The Block

Do you remember what it was like to be a new staff member? Do you remember your first day in a new school? Feelings of insecurity, intimidation and nervousness? At some point, we have all been “the new kid on the block”, the new teacher starting at a new school. It can be a pretty … [Read More]

We Teach Who We Are

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking to my sister, a passionate and gifted teacher who has been teaching for many years. Like many of us, at the end of a teaching day we have stories to tell about the adventures of another day in teaching. My sister, Voni, was relaying a humourous experience from her Year … [Read More]

Get To Know Your Colleagues

I was on the bus going to sport the other day and as all teachers know, bus trips can be noisy and stressful and tedious and boring all at the same time! Anyway, was sitting next to another staff member. We got chatting about school and life and actually had a quality conversation. It was … [Read More]

Your Example Has Tremendous Influence

I remember arriving at school one morning and stepping into the elevator to go to my classroom (the school is in the centre of the city, in a high rise building). I was in the elevator with a student from our school and his father. The elevator doors opened and the student’s dad said to … [Read More]

Wise Communicators Emphasize Encouragement And Inspiration

Last week I shared one of the key communication principles I learnt from a conference I recently attended. There were more than 14 speakers at the conference, and most of them spoke for forty minutes. It reminded me of myself as a communicator, an educator in my classroom, and made me question just how effective … [Read More]

Poland, October 2008

These are the train tracks that the Jews were brought in on. Heart breaking. Visiting Auschwitz was a deeply moving experience. Tea and a beautiful fire – so relazing!! This is a typical Polish street. A typical European breakfast – cheese, ham and tomato on bread! Our Polish hosts gave us this beautiful card. Love … [Read More]