[casualteachers] Success Secrets – 3 Things

Aaahhh the life of a casual teacher… early morning phonecalls… new schools and new classes… new faces and new environments… timetable interruptions… classroom management challenges… All this and more in the every day world of a casual relief teacher… And often, the casual relief teacher’s day is finished feeling tired, overwhelmed and perhaps lacking in … [Read More]

[funny] Problems That Every Teacher Can Relate To

Sometimes I need a reminder to sit back, relax, and take a moment to laugh, to reminisce, to remind myself of the joys and the ’funnies’ of this incredible profession I am in. As you begin this weekend, here are 20 teacher ‘problems’ that every teacher can relate to. Enjoy! (You can also download a … [Read More]

#36: How To Take A Break: 5 Simple Steps [Podcast]

Great teachers know how to rest. They know how to take a break. To take time for themselves. To self care. To rejuvenate. I’m not talking just about holidays (although they are super fun), I’m also talking about taking breaks throughout your day and your week. Taking 5 minutes to have a cuppa. Going for … [Read More]

[video] Resume Writing Don’ts

Are you trying to get a teaching job? Are you desperately trying to get your resume finished, or trying to figure what you should and shouldn’t include? Do you feel like you don’t know how to fit everything into just a few pages? Resume writing is an essential, but often challenging, part of getting that … [Read More]

[video] Resume Writing Do’s

Hi amazing teacher, Resume writing can be hard sometimes and we can find ourselves asking lots of questions. What should I include? How long should it be? What should I leave out? In this brief video I’ll show you 5 super important (and pretty easy) things you must “do” when writing your resume.   1. … [Read More]

#35: Why You Should Give Yourself A Break [Podcast]

As a goal oriented, outcomes driven person, it’s sometimes hard for me to stop and rest. Yet this is exactly what we all need to do sometimes. You’ve probably heard it before, I know I have, but it is crucial to give your mind and body planned and regular rests. I know the importance of … [Read More]