A Teachable Moment Podcast

Each week Megan shares a short and often humourous 'teachable moment'. These can also be viewed on YouTube.

#03: Passion [PODCAST]

Have you ever met someone who is passionate? It’s contagious and energizing. There is no substitute for passion. In this “A Teachable Moment”, listen to Megan Dredge’s story our how a passionate shopkeeper changed her life!


#02: Be Selfish [PODCAST]

Teachers have to be selfish sometimes. Yes, selfish. Think about yourself for a change. Megan Dredge reminds us in this “A Teachable Moment” that as educators we must make time regularly to sit down and be selfish.


#01: The Power Of One [PODCAST]

How to teach for lifelong influence, one student at a time. Megan Dredge shares her weekly “A Teachable Moment” for teachers and succinctly identifies one significant aspect of becoming a master educator.