The Megan Dredge Podcast

A weekly, very practical podcast dedicated to helping you live bigger and teach better.

#38 : The Gifted Child: 9 Strategies For Parents and Teachers [Podcast]

I regularly conduct three day courses at the University of NSW as part of their GERRIC program, specifically designed for gifted and talented students. As part of my preparation for these courses I did some further reading around giftedness in children. As an educator (and also as a parent of two young children), I found … [Read More]

#37: The Lazy Co-Worker (and what to do about them) [Podcast]

Working with someone who is lazy can be incredibly frustrating and challenging. A lazy colleague who doesn’t fulfil their responsibilities is hard to work with and their poor work ethic can influence the entire team as well as make it hard for others to fulfil their roles and responsibilities with excellence. The talkative coworker never … [Read More]

#36: How To Take A Break: 5 Simple Steps [Podcast]

Great teachers know how to rest. They know how to take a break. To take time for themselves. To self care. To rejuvenate. I’m not talking just about holidays (although they are super fun), I’m also talking about taking breaks throughout your day and your week. Taking 5 minutes to have a cuppa. Going for … [Read More]

#35: Why You Should Give Yourself A Break [Podcast]

As a goal oriented, outcomes driven person, it’s sometimes hard for me to stop and rest. Yet this is exactly what we all need to do sometimes. You’ve probably heard it before, I know I have, but it is crucial to give your mind and body planned and regular rests. I know the importance of … [Read More]

#34: Lost Your Passion For Teaching? 6 Questions To Get You Back On Track [Podcast]

It’s nearly the end of the school year and many teachers are counting down the days until it’s all over. It’s that time of year when perhaps you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, a bit tired, and lacking in direction. Perhaps you might even be feeling that you’ve lost your passion for teaching. Click … [Read More]

#33: 5 Lessons Learned From A Trip Outside My Comfort Zone [Podcast]

Last week I went to a Gymnastics class for the first time in a long time. A really long time. The last time I walked on a beam, twirled around the uneven bars, or did a somersault or cartwheel was when I was in primary school. And I found myself back at Gymnastics, super excited … [Read More]

#32: 6 Qualities of Excellent Casual Relief Teachers [Podcast]

Casual relief teachers are part of every school environment, and excellent casual teachers are hard to find. They are as rare as hen’s teeth… as the saying goes. Being a substitute or supply teacher is one of the most exciting journeys and can also be incredibly rewarding. Click to Listen Here are 6 of the … [Read More]

#31: The Talkative Co-Worker (and what to do about them) [Podcast]

How can you effectively work with this colleague so that everyone wins? (If you think you might be talking too much, read this.) Click to Listen Here’s 9 strategies for dealing with the office talker: Ask WHY Tell the truth Use ‘I’ statements. Reschedule Assign work Amplify the non-verbal Relocate Override them Be self aware … [Read More]

#30: The Talkative Co-Worker #1 (Could this be you?) [Podcast]

We’ve all got at least one that we work with – the talkative coworker – the one who just never stops talking. They always seem to have something to say, usually in the most long and drawn out way, with every single detail explained unnecessarily. You know the one? Is it possible YOU could be … [Read More]

#29: 6 Ways To Become More Humble [Podcast]

I love humble people. Those who are confident in themselves, who believe in others, who know how to really listen, and who are teachable enough to be willing to learn new things. Have you ever met a truly humble person. Humility is attractive. It’s magnetic. There’s just something about the truly humble person. Click to … [Read More]