The Megan Dredge Podcast

A weekly, very practical podcast dedicated to helping you live bigger and teach better.

#18: 65 Classroom Management Strategies, Tips and Ideas – Part 1 [Podcast]

Classroom management is a ‘hot topic’ for teachers and I’m often asked about it – so I decided to compile a list of tips, ideas and strategies that have worked for me over the years. As I began to write, I found that the list kept growing and growing… This is Part 1 – the … [Read More]

#17: Unmotivated Students? 9 Questions Every Teacher Must Ask [Podcast]

Student motivation is crucial to student learning. Teachers have a significant role and responsibility in influencing the motivation levels of their students. Here’s 9 questions you can ask to identify what you need to do differently. Click to Listen 9 questions to ask: Am I genuinely enthusiastic about what I am teaching? Have I clearly … [Read More]

#16: How To Put The Spring Back In Your Step [Podcast]

Teaching can be a demanding and all consuming job. Often teachers can lack energy, motivation and focus. The ‘spring in our step’ sometimes slows to a walk, or even a long and hard ‘plod’. I have good news for you – there ARE ways to get that spring back into your step and boost your … [Read More]

#15: How To Get Along With Your Boss [Podcast]

Most of us report to someone who is our leader, our oversight, our boss. Whether this is your principal, your team leader, or your department or district leader, the relationship you have with your boss is critical for your work success and career progress. (If you’re a new boss, here’s some helpful tips for you). … [Read More]

#14: How To Mentor A New Teacher [Podcast]

The early years of teaching can be incredibly challenging for beginning teachers. Research indicates that an increasing amount of teachers are leaving the profession within the first 5 years. New teachers benefit from having a good mentor who help and encourage them in their teaching journey. Like Mentor, who carefully looked after Telmachus when his … [Read More]

#13: How To Deal With A Negative Co-Worker [Podcast]

Workplace negativity can be overwhelming and working with a negative person can sometimes seem impossible. Some colleagues really need to put the spring back in their step. A negative and critical colleague can suck the life and energy out of everyone around them and this is especially difficult if you have to work directly with … [Read More]

#12: The ABCs of Classroom Management [Podcast]

I am often asked by teachers for advice on classroom management. We are always looking for ways to more effectively manage our classrooms. We want to know how to deal with challenging behaviour and we want to help our students to be on-task and increasingly focused during our lessons. Click to Listen Here are my … [Read More]

#11: 4 Ways To Connect With Parents [Podcast]

Getting along with parents is a skill we must learn to be effective teachers. Communicating with parents and working with them is always going to be a part of what we do as teachers. Here’s 4 ways you can connect with parents and build a positive relationship with them, even the difficult ones. Great teachers … [Read More]

#10: 25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of This Year [Podcast]

A new year is upon us. I love the energy we experience around the start of a new year. An opportunity to start afresh. An opportunity to plan to make it your best year ever. Another 365 days to get the most out of. The new year gives you a clean slate to leave the … [Read More]

#09: How To Reflect On This Year: 5 Questions [Podcast]

Wow, another year has almost passed. I love this time of year – the exhilaration of welcoming in a new year. I have found myself already reflecting on this year and also looking forward to the new year. Today, I want to focus on reflecting on this past year. It’s essential that we do that … [Read More]